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sword fabricating is not just a business but lifestyle

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Wow what a sword may not be 1095 but does it sure feel like it.. I promise you it really is Japanese steel you can cut bamboo with this 1060 steel grade sword.. It's truly battle ready shipping is super fast and packaged in foam and plastic double box at least mine was.
I'm very happy with my Purchase and Reccomend this company

Mr Integrity

Right out of the box it feels rare and special and when you pull it out of the other box your like,"was this really only 110 dollars?" Because its a real deal katana! This katana is well balance, feels great, is very sharp, and looks so amazing! I dont know if i stole this or not. Ladies and gentlemen if your looking to buy an AMAZING 1060 carbon steel sword, or a sword period and don't wanna spend 400 plus dollars, this is yours to own for a fraction of the value.


have only purchased one other Katana before that was twice the price and they are both 1060 grade. The only difference I can see is no blood groove on this one and No hamon line. But it’s very sharp cuts just pushing through the blade. I would say that for the price this is probably the nicest one your going to get.

Carlos C.